Congratulation to Eoin Deegan – Outstanding Achievement Award Winner July

Eoin and Edel Deegan were leading an idyllic life in the Ballagh with their two sons Connor and Ryan.

On the June bank holiday 2015 Edel felt ill and her doctor sent her to the hospital by ambulance.  She had a problem with her bloods clotting.  The doctors first thought she had meningitis.  She was moved to ICU.  When her conditioned stabilised she was moved to CCU.

Her condition then became worse and she was moved to the ICU unit in Beaumont Hospital and was put on life support for a week.  They thought she had a blood disorder called TTP.  She was given plasma exchange for five days and was put on anti-fungal and anti-bacterial IV medication.  She came round a bit but still had a very high fever and her platelets were very low. She wasn’t responding well to the medication so they flew in medication from London.  Her bloods did improve after a few doses of this medication.  They then discovered that she had abbesses on the brain which had to be operated on twice.

Her husband Eoins life was turned upside down.  He was fortunate to be able to step out of work and have a fantastic support network of friends and family.  He did not know if Edel would make it.  Everything happened so quickly.  All he could do was stay hopeful.  The doctors said the odds were against her, but she was never sick before and that kept him strong. Eoin kept vigil at Edels bedside for three months.   During this period there was also potty training, their son starting school and birthdays.

A truly emotional story.  The experience has changed Eoins life.  He no longer worries about simple things.  Eoin would like to thank the hospital for everything they have done and feels the award should also go to his wonderful wife.

He thinks it’s a miracle that Edel is with us today.

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