Congratulations to Mandi Tyghe – Outstanding Achievement Award Winner August

Gorey Youth Needs Group in the grounds of Gorey Community School was set up in 1995 to help support families in the Gorey Area.  They work with young people with different issues, primary school children, toddler groups, young adult support, one to one mentoring, early school leaves, LGBT and lots more.

They are funded mainly by the Tusla Child and Family Agency, Wexford County Council, Wexford Local Development and avail of other fundraising opportunities.

It’s not just for people suffering from social exclusion, it’s for people from all walks of life and is open to everyone.  Children come to be with their friends, do their homework, get something to eat, supported by the school meals programme, talk about family issues or get help with their CV.

Mandi is a community worker.  She said “sometimes the most confident loud young person can have the most issues and can hide their problems the most…… a smile can hide a lot.  You have to build a bond and a trust and then they will open to you”.

Mandi is a Gorey girl, born and raised.  She went to England for 7 years working in a Residential Care Home for people with behavioural disorders, young people with acquired brain injury, Asperger’s, autism and lots of other diagnosis.  These people were there through no fault of their own. She knew she wanted to work with young people.  You have to have the right team and the right attitude, training and management.  She does so much work and gives her whole life to helping young people turn their life around for the better giving them confidence and a better quality of life.  She is also actively involved with different committees associated with Gorey Youths Needs Group. She is an inspiration to all.

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