Congratulations to Sean Thompson – Outstanding Achievement Award Winner June

Sean is a 16 year old vision impaired student living in Our Lady’s Island doing his leaving certificate.  He is a member o the Sea Scouting Association in Wexford.  Their activities cover sailing, rowing, pioneering, orienteering, first aid, safety aspects of the water and being an active citizen within the community.

In June 2016 while on holidays in Turkey he was at a river standing on a 25 foot diving platform waiting his turn to jump.  Some of the local children were ahead.  A 14 year old boy jumped into the water and a 10 year old boy went straight in after him and their heads collided.  Sean saw the first boy was in difficulty and immediately dived in.  The casualty was drowning and sinking to the bottom.  Sean swam down to the river bed, caught hold of him and dragged him to the ladder.  There his friend Molly helped lift him up.  Sean cleared his airways and started CPR as he had stopped breathing and had no pulse.  By putting his Scouting and first aid skills to full use Sean saved his life and as such is a deserving winner of the South East Radio Outstanding Achievement Awards.  Later Sean simply said that he did what he had to do.  He was in shock and could not believe he had just saved someones life.  An amazing young humble man who his parents and friends should be very proud of.

Sean’s message is “If you have an interest in first aid, PLEASE, just get out there and learn how to do it.”

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