Congratulations to John Clancy – Outstanding Achievement Award Winner for February 2017

The Loch Garman Band hall in Wexford is not far from the National Opera House in Wexford and John Clancy is its musical director. This year the band is celebrating its 80th anniversary. Over the years the band has held concerts to raised money for various charities.

It was originally a marching band up until the 90’s. John has been in the band since the age of 10. He originally stepped in as a marching mascot. From the 90’s the band restructured resulting in a lot of competition and concert work. The band hall is full of history with an archive of 3,500 pictures going around the hall in chronological order, which actually paints a history of the town as the band performed at most of the important events in the towns history over the 80 years. They intend to make a presentation of the photographic archive to the library. Every Sunday John and his dad would go to mass and then head straight down to practice in the band hall.
After many years, John took over as musical director from the late John O’ Mahoney, who had taken over from John’s dad who was a conductor for over 50 years.

His fellow band members say he is a great task master, a wonderful producer and everyone loves him. He is an inspiration to both young and old. Peter Murphy said he is a very special man. Tony Hynes knows John for 60 years and said he has the patience of a saint.

To have a good band it is a combined effort on everyone’s behalf but you have to have a great leader and motivator and that’s John Clancy. He can motivate both the senior and junior members. He gives people the gift of music. Even at home he is always arranging music and with the changing times, this has gone from musical sheets to the computer.  The band has been recognised on various occasions by the County Council with many civic receptions.

A well deserving winner, John was totally speechless on being the Outstanding Achievements Award winner for February. He said it is a hobby and a life long enjoyment . He lives, eats and sleeps music and is most definitely a well deserving winner.

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