Congratulations to Bridget Brahan – Outstanding Achievement Award Winner for September 2017

Outstanding Achievement Award

Bridget has been involved with Saint Vincent De Paul since 1988, almost 30 years ago.  She has always been dedicated to helping people in need.

Bridget had a grand aunt in her 90’s living in the country.  Her home had no running water and she did not know who to turn to for help.  Saint Vincent De Paul in Gorey were wonderful.  They installed a water pump.  Bridget felt she needed to give something back to them, so she joined the Gorey Vincent De Paul.

When she started thirty years ago she worked from a corrugated parish hall.  Bridget always had a dream to open a second-hand clothes shop.  She worked towards this, organising and promoting the idea all the time. Her dream came true in 1995 when they began to rent a room in the old school house from the Christian Brothers in Gorey.  The rent was one pound per year and they still operate from here today.  Betty Hopkins came on a weekly basis to help Bridget.

Bridget felt she needed more space as people began to donate their furniture and other large items and in 2013 the Gorey Credit Union very kindly provided the old Credit Union as St. Vincent De Pauls second shop and they are still operating from there today.

The money that the shops generate allows Saint Vincent De Paul to do so much wonderful work.  Without this money, they would not be able to help the community.

Bridget has approximately fifty volunteer workers between the two shops which she operates and runs. It takes a considerable amount of time to organise all of this work.

Bridget was overjoyed to be acknowledged for all her work by becoming the September Outstanding Achievement Award winner.  A very worthy winner, with a wonderful drive and vision, she was very gracious in accepting the award.

She paid tribute to the many volunteers stating that she could not have made it all possible without their wonderful help.



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