11 people have been treated in hospital following an uncontrolled release has occurred at Poolbeg Incinerator in Dublin.

The HSA says it’s treating the situation as a dangerous occurrence.

Late last night a small amount of lime was inadvertently released inside the flue during the testing of the new Dublin Waste to Energy plant at Ringsend.

The 11 men were working on scaffolding at the time – they received first aid at the scene and attended St Vincent’s hospital as a precaution.

Two men were hospitalised overnight.

Health and safety authority inspectors are on site – however as the area is now closed off the Environmental Protection Agency has not been able to get its inspectors in.

A spokesperson for for Dublin Waste-to-Energy Ltd says Combustion Unit No. 1 was shut down in an orderly and controlled manner and the lime did not escape into the environment.

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