Reform Not Recruiting Despite Approaches


Lucinda Creighton says the Reform Alliance has the potential to expand – and has been approached by Independent TDs.

The group of Fine Gael rebels says about 1,300 people attended its conference in Dublin on Saturday.

They have previously said they may become a political party in the future but have no plans for it at the moment.

The group’s most prominent TD Lucinda Creighton says the Reform Alliance isn’t recruiting – but has room to grow in the future:

“We haven’t tried to recruit anybody, and we have been approached by other Independents, we have discussed issues with them” she said.

“We’ve cooperated and we’ve co-sponsored amendments in the Dail so we are cooperating with other Independents – but our group is what it is at the moment”.

“There maybe potential to expand it in the future, but I think this exercise will feed into all of that” she added.

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