Government Giving ‘active Consideration’ To Investigation Into Galway Babies


The government is giving ‘active consideration’ to an investigation into the discovery of the remains of nearly 800 children in Tuam in Galway.

The remains of up to 800 children remain in a septic tank near a former home for unmarried mothers. It is thought some of the remains have been present for up to 90 years.

The Children’s Minister has conceded that an investigation is being considered.

Sinn Féin’s Mary Lou McDonald says a wide-ranging inquiry is needed into how women and children were treated at all ‘Mother and Baby’ homes, including Magdalene Laundries.

“It was always very clear to me that the government very deliberately refused to deal with Bethany, because if they dealt with Bethany Home it meant that they had to deal with the other mother and baby homes” she said.

“I think that game is now up for the govenrment and for the State – and the sooner they do the decent thing and the honest thing and allow light to be shone on this episode, the better for everybody concerned” she added.


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