Howlin Plays Down Report Over Budget Cuts


The Public Expenditure Minister is playing down a report from the government’s fiscal watchdog which has warned that 2 billion euro in adjustments will be needed in the next budget.

Brendan Howlin says the Government was able to meet its targets last year despite not taking IFAC’s advice and is confident its deficit target will still be met.

The Fiscal Advisory Council also voiced concern about the tax relief signaled by the Finance Minister.

But Minister Brendan Howlin says the government’s plan is working and there may yet be some leeway in Budget 2015.

“Nobody doubts that we will achieve at least the 4.8 deficit target for this year – so their advices are important, but we make decisions of the government that will be least impactive on the recovery of our economy and will give as much support as we can to struggling families now who are already carrying a heavy burden” he added.


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