Penalty Points System To Be Centralised


The authority to cancel penalty points is being centralised – under a range of new reforms to the system.

The removal of the power from senior Gardai was among the recommendations contained in a review by the Garda Inspectorate.

In future – drivers seeking the cancellation of points will have to make an application to the processing office.

The Garda Commissioner has announced an array of changes to the penalty points system – in the wake of a report from the Garda Inspectorate examining its operation.

The measures – designed to make it easier to apply for point cancellations – include the removal of the discretionary power to do so from senior officers – with the authority being assigned solely to the Fixed Charge Processing Office in Thurles in Co Tipperary.

Drivers will have to use a new cancellation form – available on the website or from the processing office – to apply for the quashing of points.

A guide setting out the changes to the process can also be found on the Garda website – while regular audits will be conducted in future.

Noirin O’Sullivan says the measures demonstrate the force’s commitment to improving the effectiveness and transparency of the penalty points system.


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