Wexford Co. Councillors Defend Voting For Pact


A group of Independents on Wexford County Council have defended their decision to support a pact.

Fianna’s Fáil’s Malcolm Byrne was elected Chairman last Friday after a deal was brokered between Fianna Fail and Fine Gael with the support of Labour and some independents.

Independent Councillor Martin Murphy says he supported Councillor Byrne’s appointment in order to represent the people of New Ross on committees.

He says if he hadn’t of gone with the majority he wouldn’t have been able to sit on the various committees.

However, Enniscorthy Sinn Fein Concillor Johnny Mythen has criticised councillors who supported the pre-determined move.

He says it was not democratic and that there were other options available.

Councillor Mythen called for a new system to be put in place whereby councillors are elected to positions based on the number of votes they get from the electorate.


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