Artwork Discovered In Wexford Sells For 40,000 Euro


The artwork discovered in a shed at the parochial house in Piercestown in South Wexford has been sold.

The disused piece was auctioned last night for 40,000 euro.

The rare Flemish piece of art from the 15th centruy is returning to its country of origin after it was purchased last night by a Belgian art dealer.

The piece was up for auction at Sheppards auction house in Durrow in County Laois.

However it only made half the guide price which was in the region of 80,000 to 120,000 euro.

Pirecestown parish priest Father John O’Reilly who attended the auction said he was delighted at the price achieved and said the proceeds will be used to benefit the parish.

The picture depicts a number of sorrowful women bent over the body of the crucified Jesus Christ.

It was discoverd two years ago when workmen at an outbuilding at the Piercestown parcohial house found it as it was being cleared out to make way for a parish office.

Following consultation with art experts it was found to be an altarpiece used for private devotional use.

How it got to Piercestown is still a mystery.


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