Calls For Stricter Regime For Uninsured Drivers


There are an stimated 4,800 uninsured drivers in County Wexford.

The Irish Brokers Association is calling on the Government to introduce a stricter regime for the handling of motorists who are found to be driving without insurance.

There are 80,000 licensed drivers in Wexford – of which an estimated 6 per cent are uninsured according to the The Irish Brokers Association.

They say that drivers without insurance are costing motorists an average of 35 to 40 euro in extra premiums to cover the claims related to uninsured drivers and paid out by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland.

The fact is tougher measures need to be in place because the current process simply is not working – uninsured drivers keep re-offending, and the MIBI keeps picking up the claims according to Brian McNelis, Director of General Services at the Irish Brokers Association

They say the government should follow the UK model – where they have made it a very serious offence with equally serious penalties, when they catch uninsured drivers.

According to the most recent statistics there were 2,388 uninsured claims at a cost of 61 million euro last year.

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