Coveney Says Russian Backlash Over Eu Sanctions A “big Backwards Step”


The Agriculture Minister says Russia’s ban on all EU meat, fish, milk and fruit is a “big backwards step”.

The move comes in retaliation to EU sanctions against Russia over its interference in Ukraine.

Russia has said that it will ban fruit, vegetable, meat, fish, milk and dairy imports from the EU, US, Australia, Canada and Norway.

The final list of the EU sanctions is not ready, but it should be known later today.

Simon Coveney says over 235 million worth of Irish agri-food products were exported to Russia last year, and the country was a major growth market for our producers.

He says the food sector will be concerned by the ban.

“Farmers and food companies at the moment are concerned – Russia has bee targeted by our companies as an expanding and growing market for our produce” he said.

“And that has shown to be the case as well; last year was the highest export figure we ever had to Russia, and it’s been steadily growing year on year”.

“So this is a big backwards step, and that’s why it’s not welcome” he added.

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