Education Minister Defends Existing Abortion Legislation


The Education Minister is rejecting claims that the new legislation on abortion is flawed.

It comes amid reports that a woman who had claimed she was suicidal was denied a termination under the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act.

Campaigners say the case highlights deep seated flaws in the legislation, which was introduced in January.

Jan O’Sullivan says she would like to see a referendum in the future to repeal the eight amendment which imposed a Constitutional ban on abortion.

However she says it will not happen during the remaining life-time of this Government – adding that the legislation in place – is the best that was possible.

“The legislation that was introduced was all that was possible under the Constitution” she said.

“It is being monitored; I don’t think we can make decisions about it on the basis of one case, albeit a very difficult case”.

“SO I think we need to ensure that we monitor, as has been planned, and that we keep the legislation under observation in that regard” she added.


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