New Abortion Laws Criticised By Both Sides


The new abortion laws have been strongly criticised by both pro-life and pro-choice groups after it emerged a young woman had to have a baby by Caesarean section after she was refused a termination.

Two psychiatrists deemed her to be suicidal, but an obstetrician concluded the baby must be delivered by C-section, as the pregnancy was over 23 weeks.

It has been reported that the teenager first sought to terminate her pregnancy at eight weeks.

It is understood the pregnancy was as a result of rape and that the teenager involved couldn’t leave Ireland to have an abortion because of her immigration status.

Dr. Mary Fevier of the Doctors for Choice Group says the abortion legislation is too convoluted and flawed.

“It was always a bad laws, there were so many flaws in it – this thing that you must see three practitioners but one can veto” she said.

“And then there’s an appeal – was this young woman offered an appeal, was she facilitated in an appeal? Then it’s potentially up to seven practitioners she needs to see – all of which introduce delay and delay, as we know, leads us into these traumatic circumstances” she added.


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