Union Hopeful Of People’s Standard Of Living Improving


The Impact trade union says it is good that the government is looking at improving people’s standard of living.

It has been reacting to comments made by the Minister for Public Expenditure Wexford’s Brendan Howlin at the weekend in which he said some public sector pay cuts could be reversed.

Spokesman Bernard Harbor also pointed out that when the Haddington Road agreement on pay conditions was put together, they reserved the position that ‘pay recovery’ could be looked at if the economy improved before the deal expires in 2016.

He has welcomed the fact that the government could be on the same page as unions:

“I don’t think we’re looking at pay increases today or tomorrow for people in the public service – but I think it is significant and it is very welcome that the government now appears to be in the same territory that we are in terms of saying ‘lets talk about improving people’s standards of living rather than keep tightening the belts” he said.


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