Irish Group Working To Develop Ebola Vaccine


An Irish NGO is working to develop an Ebola vaccine.

World Vision Ireland has partnered with Innovative Medicines Initiative to support its ‘Ebola Plus’ vaccine programme.

The child focused Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) is currently working on the ground in countries in West Africa to help fight the virus.

The health programmes coordinator for East and West Africa with World Vision Ireland is Magnus Conteh.

He says that the vaccine will have a huge impact on areas affected by Ebola.

“Our focus is on the well-being of children, as well as addressing the needs of the disadvantaged communities in these poor countries” he said.

“To be able to be part of a solution that will promote good health and good economic growth and benefit for these countries, we are very proud to be part of that”.

“We will continue to work tirelessly to bring solutions to these global health problems” he added.


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