Kenny Signals Increase In Minimum Wage


The Taoiseach has signalled an increase in the minimum wage in a rare newspaper column.

Writing in the Irish Independent, Enda Kenny said he plans to “make sure work pays better than welfare”.

He has pledged to cut income tax and USC for low-income earners, and create an extra 40,000 jobs by the end of the year.

The Independent group’s political editor Fionnan Sheahan says it is an attempt to reach out to voters with a general election on the horizon.

“He’s in a particularly bad position at the moment – a disastrous 2014 where everything they touched seemed to turn into reasons for the electorate to turn against them” he said.

“That support has waned so much now that it is nigh impossible to see this current coalition government being returned in any way, shape or form”.

“Certainly he’s realising the clock is now ticking” he added.


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