Paris March Against Terror Largest In French History


France is turning it’s focus towards preventing more terrorist attacks today after almost two million people lined the streets of Paris in solidarity with the victims of last week’s shootings.

Officials say the rally was the largest demonstration in French history. In total, more than three million people took part in anti-extremism rallies across France.

President Francois Hollande will chair a crisis meeting of his Cabinet, after questions were raised about how gunmen evaded intelligence services.

Amedy Coulibaly and the Kouachi brothers were all known to authorities and had links to jihadist networks.

Journalist Peter Allen is in Paris.

He says resource issues may have caused the security lapse.

“A police source I was speaking to yesterday was telling me that it in fact takes 20 officers to follow a terror suspect” he said.

“They decided that they should put their resources elsewhere – so they were pretty much left alone and allowed to work out these terrible acts, which led to the deaths of 17 innocent people last week” he added.


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