Snow Showers Forecast This Week


We are harding into a cold snap over the coming days with snow showers expected at times.

However the South East of the country may not fare too badly if the wind stays northwestery but there’s a possiblity that might change.

Met Eireann’s Gerald Fleming says it’s not going to be bitterly cold with day time temperatures getting up to 2 to 4 degrees while the nightime will be down to minus 1 or 2 degrees.

He says County Wexford won’t be in the direct firing line for snow showers, he says places like Donegal and Mayo will but it will all depend on the wind direction.

The Wexford native says once it stays northwesterly Wexford should escape the worst of it but if it becomes easterly the county will be affected by showers coming in across the sea.


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