Terror Raids Across Europe Overnight


There have been a series of terror raids across northern Europe overnight, after two suspected extremists were shot dead by police in Belgium.

10 people have been questioned in France over last week’s attacks in Paris, while there have been two arrests in Berlin.

Meanwhile US Secretary of State John Kerry is in the French capital for talks, and has laid a wreath in front of the Jewish supermarket where four hostages were killed.

Irish Times Europe correspondent, Suzanne Lynch, says swoops on suspected terror cells happen behind the scenes quite often, but the shoot-out in Belgium made it headline news:

“People are commenting here – it’s constantly on the local radio and TV here – that if there had not been a shootout this arrest could have taken place and nobody would have known anything about it” she said.

“There’s an implication that these kind of arrests, that these kind of surveillances, are going on all the time in Brussels and all the time in Belgium” she added.


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