Ifa Expresses Concern Over Misleading Pork Labels


The Irish Farmers Association says a pork survey which found non-Irish products being sold as Irish shows the misleading of consumers remains a serious issue.

The organisation tested 91 products in December and found 29 percent had DNA that was not from the Irish database.

Researchers went to independent butchers and supermarkets in Wexford, Galway, Cork and Cavan for the study.

IFA National Pigs and Pigmeat Committee chairman, Pat O’Flaherty, says it should be a legal requirement for all pork products – including processed meats – to display the country of origin.

“I would like legislation to be in place, similar to what’s in the beef, where it’s a legal requirement to put the country of origin on the pack” he said.

“It’s coming in, I believe in April, for non-processed products; the problem…with that is for bacon, which is huge seller for us, because there’s salt added it’s not regarded as fresh” he added.


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