Eirgrid Publishes Draft Review Of Grid Plans For Wexford And The South East


Eirgrid has announced the option to work on existing infrastructure will form part of its plans for an upgrade of Grid Link and Grid West.

The company published a draft review for the development of Ireland’s transmission grid this morning – which shows overhead lines can be used for the North-South interconnector.

The plan also pledges to explore undergrounding on Grid West.

There has been strong opposition to building new pylons as part of an upgrade to the grid in the southeast.

Eirgrid CEO Fintan Slye says new technologies mean that may now be avoided.

“it enables you to maximise the use of the existing underlying network and get more power across it – do more with the existing grid” he said.

“We can couple that with a new cable across the Shannon, some additional upgradings around the Midlands”.

“And with all of those, we believe we’ll be able to get a good solution for the Grid Link corridor that’ll meet the needs of the regional economy” he added.

In a statement they say changing demand forecasts, a slower rate of growth, upgrade works on existing lines and advances in technology make possible an alternative that could address the need for reinforcement without any new infrastructure.

Finding the best solution means balancing many factors and while this option would eliminate the need for new infrastructure, it would restrict the scope for high-demand users.

EirGrid will engage with stakeholders to discuss the possible options as they continue their evaluation of the three potential solutions outlined in the document published today with a view to making a submission to the Independent Expert Panel in the autumn.

There’s been a broad welcome for today’s announcement by Eirgrid.

The Irish Farmer’s Association says the decisions on Grid Link and Grid West represent a significant response to farmer and rural community concerns in the south and west.

While ESB says the grid development strategy is an opportunity for open, public engagement on the issue, and it supports EirGrid in facilitating this debate.

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