Increase In Cao Applications For Construction Courses


Confidence levels among students applying for third level courses in areas related to the construction industry are on the rise.

Data from the CAO shows that for the last two years in a row there’s been a significant increase in the number of those applying for courses like architecture and other construction related courses.

Officials have released a breakdown of the record number of applications received by this year’s initial CAO deadline, which also show arts-focused areas have dropped three percent.

Education correspondent with the Irish Times Joe Humphreys says increased interest in construction related courses is likely to push up points.

“People are watching where jobs are coming up in the future – so things like architecture are up 16 percent in terms of first preferences, built environment – which kind of covers broadly engineering areas – which is 27 percent up” he said.

“Engineering and technology itself is up about 9 percent, and then law is up 12 percent”.

(This) follows a pattern from last year – again, all of those were up last year in terms of preferences and also then in terms of points” he added.


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