Law Banning Ecstasy And ‘headshop Drugs’ Unconstitutional


The Dáil is to sit late this evening to pass emergency laws, after a court said the previous law banning ecstasy and so-called ‘headshop drugs’ was unconstitutional.

The Court of Appeal says part of the Misuse of Drugs Act, which allows certain substances to be controlled, is unconstitutional.

This morning’s court ruling means all government orders banning substances like ecstasy, benzodiasopenes, and so-called ‘legal highs’ are now void and it’s no longer an offence to possess them.

The Dáil will sit until 11.30pm tonight to pass the new laws, with the Seanad due to pass them tomorrow.

However in the meantime the possession of ecstasy and the other drugs is no longer a criminal offence.

In total over 100 drugs are affected by the ruling.

The Government was aware from last week of the possibility of the Court striking down the laws and therefore had started the process of preparing the legislation.


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