New Poll Shows Little Drop-off In Sinn Fein Support


The revelations about the rape of Paudie McGahon by a senior republican have had little affect on Sinn Fein support, according to the latest opinion poll.

The latest Ipsos-MRBI survey in the Irish Times has the party on 24 percent, down two points.

Support for Fine Gael is up five to 24 percent; Labour is up one to 7 percent; and Fianna Fail is down 4 to 17 percent.

Independents are down four to 28 percent.

Political Editor with the Irish Times Stephen Collins says 3 percent of people are more likely to vote for Sinn Fein in the wake of the sex abuse controversy, 36 per cent are less likely and it made no difference to 53 percent:

“Among Sinn Fein supporters, interestingly, 11 percent said they were more likely to support the party and 74 percent said it made no difference” he said.

“But the revelations concerning Paudie McGahon, and Mairie Cahill before that, it clearly is having very little impact on the Sinn Fein core vote”.

“People who have decided to vote Sinn Fein are really not being influenced by these controversies” he added.

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