Patrick Mckee Defects From Fianna Fail To Stand For Renua In By-election


The newest member of Renua Ireland says the Fianna Fail leadership is failing young people.

Councillor Patrick McKee (26) is leaving Fianna Fáil only ten months after being elected as a councillor.

He is joining Lucinda Creighton’s new party and will run in the Carlow-Kilkenny by-election in May.

This is to fill the Dáil seat left behind by Phil Hogan.

In a statement, Renua said: “He is part of Renua’s drive to establish itself with strong, credible candidates in every constituency to give a real and serious alternative to Irish voters.”

“Patrick who is a serving member of Kilkenny County Council has already formed a formidable election team which will be bolstered by Renua’s bank of volunteers in Carlow-Kilkenny. The team will spend the coming weeks meeting and consulting with all constituents from all sections of the community.”

While Ms Creighton added: “We said we would form a credible political alternative to the people of Ireland and by unveiling such a wonderful young candidate in Patrick McKee for Carlow-Kilkenny is only the start of showing our strength in depth as we grow rapidly around the country.”

Speaking to KCLR FM in Kilkenny, Councillor McKee says the Fianna Fáil leadership has questions to answer.

“The members of Fianna Fail – the ordinary decent people in the community, and the ordinary decent people in the community in every political party – are good people, they’re committed to their communities” he said.

“But the hierarchy of Fianna Fail have failed to take on the change that’s required, they’ve had several opportunities since the economic crash, they’ve failed to reform their structures”.

“And I feel that I’m not prepared, as being a 26-year-old in my generation, to accept that” he added.

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