Jocked Injured At Wexford Racecourse Staying Positive


One the country’s best known jockeys, who had a paralysing fall at Wexford racecourse, ealier this month continues to make progress.

Robbie McNamara was flung from his mount Burlesdon at the Wexford race meeting on April 10th, the day before the Grand National, where he was also due to ride.

Following the fall he was rushed to Wexford General Hospital and from there transferred to the Mater in Dublin where he still remains.

He underwent sugery for multiple injuries and still has not regained any feeling in his lower body.

Speaking for the first time since his accident Robbie McNamara remains in a positive mood.

He says his back is badly bruised and there’s a lot of swelling but is hopeful that when the swelling goes down that some of the nerve damage might repair itself and some of the feeling might come back.

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