Noonan ‘satisfied’ With Action He Took Over The Siteserv Sale


The Finance Minister Michael Noonan says he is ‘satisfied’ he took ‘sufficient’ action over the sale of SiteServ by the former Anglo Irish Bank.

Mr Noonan was speaking after opposition TDs called for an inquiry into how IBRC sold the asset to Denis O’Brien’s Millington firm at a loss to the taxpayer of over 100 million euro.

In a statement released last night, the IBRC former chairman Alan Dukes said there was nothing improper about the deal.

“I categorically reject suggestions that there was any impropriety in the sale of Siteserv by IBRC in March 2012. All aspects of the sale were considered in detail by the board of the bank and the decision made was considered to be the best course of action available, in the interests of the shareholder and of the State,” Mr Dukes said.

Mr Noonan says he had concerns about SiteServ and IBRC in 2012, and he is satisfied by the action his department took.

“Every March we were being presented with a bill of over 3 billion, which had to be paid – eventually we worked our way thought the process and IBRC was liquidated” he said.

“But there were a lot of issues around – but when the inquiries were made, I was satisfied that the action I took was sufficient” he added.


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