Unemployment Falls To Lowest Level Since 2009


Unemployment has fallen to it lowest rate since 2009 according to Live Register figures released today.

The rate is now at 10 percent, down from a peak of 15 percent in February 2012.

Economists are now predicting a single digit rate of unemployment by next month.

The figures released by the CSO showed the numbers signing on fell by 4,700 in March, reducing the seasonally adjusted total to 350,600.

In the South East there’s been a monthly drop of 821 people signing on during March.

Meanwhile there’s over 5,000, or 11 per cent, less people on the live register in the region compared to the same time last year.

Tánaiste Joan Burton says the national figures prove the government will be able to reach its target of full employment.

“It’s just enormously significant – firstly all of the people who are going back to work; it’s a good story for themselves, for their families, for their community and for their neighbours” she said.

“But the thing is that we have to push the pace even more strongly, because we want to get effectively to full employment” she added.

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