Berkeley Investigation May Not Lead To Criminal Charges


The assistant Alameda County District Attorney says the investigation into the Berkeley balcony collapse is being done with an open mind.

It was confirmed last night that a criminal investigation is now underway into the incident, which killed six Irish students and injured seven others over a week ago.

All the victims have now been laid to rest.

A team of investigators, prosecutors and victim witness advocates will be working on the case.

Assistant DA Teresa Drenick says criminal charges may arise as a result of the investigation, but that is not clear yet.

“We are going into it with an open mind and the idea that we want to see justice done” she said.

“If it is a case that legally can be brought into a criminal courtroom setting we will do that – and if it’s something that we find out that is not applicable to a criminal setting, we will make that determination as well” she added.

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