Irish Water Under Pressure Over Payment Figures


Irish Water is under pressure to reveal how many people have not paid the water charge.

Socialist TD Paul Murphy criticised the utility in the Dáil yesterday and said it was ‘simply not credible’ that the government has not discussed the issue with Irish Water.

He says he has submitted a Freedom of Information request to find out how many bills remain unpaid after being met with a ‘wall of silence’.

Mr Murphy says both the government and Irish Water are trying to hide the figures.

“This is the first time they haven’t talked about them – and I think everybody knows, of they were confident on the figures, I’d say if they were over 50 percent, they’d be talking about them” he said.

“And they’d be trying to use it to bounce other people into paying – but instead, we have a scare campaign based on a false lie to give the impression that Irish Water will be able to take this off people” he added.

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