Man Remains Critical Following Dublin Accident


Two investigations are underway into an industrial accident in Dublin, which killed one man and left his brother is in a critical condition.

Alan and Steve Harris were working on a sewer in Drumnigh Wood housing estate in Portmarnock at about 2:30pm yesterday afternoon when the incident happened.

The men were rushed to Beaumont Hospital, after one of them fell into a pit and the second fell in while trying to rescue him.

Alan Harris (45) died and his brother Steve (32) remains in intensive care today.

Adam Cullen from the Irish Independent says it appears the men were overcome by toxic fumes in the sewer.

“We understand that they entered this sewage system – a rather large sewage system – and they were overcome by methane gas” he said.

“They were about five foot down into a 20-foot pit when one of them was overcome by the toxic fumes”.

“One of the other brothers then immediately rushed to his aid; he was about the same distance in and he suffered the same fate and was overcome by these gasses” he added.


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