Memorial Event Takes Place In Berkeley For Irish Students Killed


Memorial events have taken place in Berkeley for the six Irish students killed and seven others injured in the balcony collapse.

Most of those attending a vigil in the university town were J1 students staying in the area, but hundreds more came from the wider community – many of whom had no connection to the students.

Investigators believe dry rot may have caused the balcony at the apartment where the victims were attending a 21st birthday to give way.

Two of those injured remain critical, with no update on their conditions likely for weeks – while a number of the others have serious, but non life-threatening injuries.

Our reporter Shona Murray is in Berkeley.

She says insurance is a requirement of the J1 Visa, so the families of those involved should not be facing huge costs associated with health care and repatriation.

“As far as I’m aware – and I asked this question today – that the insurance is pretty much taken care of” she said.

“There isn’t going to be any extraneous costs on the families at this point”.

“I know that in terms of repatriation, it’s either covered in insurance – and also I know that Aer Lingus has been very open about facilitating people”.

“So the families have been told not to worry about serious costs” she added.

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