Cabinet To Begin Discussions On Budget In Sligo Today


The Cabinet will begin preliminary discussions on the next Budget when it meets at Lissadell House in Co Sligo today today to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the birth of poet William Butler Yeats.

Michael Noonan is expected to bring a memo to Ministers on the package of tax cuts and spending increases promised by the Government in October.

Ministers will also draft legislation giving adopted people the right to their own birth cert – and discuss a report on childcare costs.

The Taoiseach and Finance Minister have been promising tax cuts and spending increases to the tune of up to 1.5 billion euro in recent months – and this afternoon’s meeting at Lissadell House will be the first in a series leading up to the final measures to be unveiled in October.

These preliminary discussions come ahead of the Exchequer Returns figures at the end of the month – which will shape early talks about the scale of the adjustment.

Ministers will also discuss a new law to give as many as 50,000 adopted people the right to their birth certificate for the first time.

While a working group’s report on the cost of childcare, which is understood to propose an extension of the early school year is also on the agenda.

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