Concerns Expressed Over Choice-based Lettings System


A leading social justice campaigner says he would have serious concerns about a rural resettlement scheme based on a choice-based lettings system.

It is understood hundreds of homeless Dublin families could be offered housing in vacant homes around the country under plans being discussed by the Government.

The Irish Times reports the rural relocation scheme could be based on a system used by local authorities whereby families can jump the waiting list by opting to live in a less desirable or difficult to let home.

Social Justice campaigner, Fr Peter McVerry, says he supports rural relocation, but would have concerns about a scheme based on the choice-based lettings model.

“The choice-based lettings is not the same as the rural resettlement scheme; it’s what I read in the paper this morning as ;this is what the department are thinking of’ and I would have serious concerns about that” he said.

“The pressure on homeless families to get out of homelessness could lead them to making decisions that they would regret later on if they were using the choice-based lettings option” he added.

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