Glasgow Man Admits Killing Irish Nurse Karen Buckley


A 21 year old man has been remanded in custody in Glasgow, after pleading guilty to the murder of Irish nurse Karen Buckley.

Glasgow High Court heard that the 24 year old was killed within minutes of leaving the Sanctuary nightclub on April 12th last.

The Buckley family sat through some 90 minutes of details of the night of Karen Buckley’s death.

The court heard she was assaulted by Alexander Pacteau in his car, shortly after leaving the Sanctuary nightclub. He later disposed of her remains in a barrel containing caustic soda on a remote farm

Counsel for Alexander Pacteau told the court that he expresses regret and remorse for his actions, which he says were carried out under the influence of alcohol.

John Scullion said he’d been instructed to apologise to the Buckley family and Karen’s friends on behalf of Mr Pacteau.

Judge Lady Rae called the attack motiveless, senseless and brutal – and said they were the actions of a callous and calculating man.

She remanded Mr Pacteau in custody for sentencing on September 8th.


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