No Plans To Change Water Conservation Grant


The Department of the Environment says there are to be no changes to the water conservation grant scheme.

It says in a statement: “There are no changes to the water conservation grant scheme. The Department of Social Protection are currently making arrangements to pay the grant for this year”.

It comes after reports this morning that the government was considering restricting the 100 euro grant to those who pay their bills.

But the department says Environment Minister Alan Kelly is not bringing any measures to Cabinet on the issue.

It means the scheme will stand, and everyone who has registered with Irish Water will get the grant – even those who have not paid their bills.

Speaking earlier, Transport Minister Paschal Donohoe said there will be no change to the structures already in place this year.

“What you’re talking about here is speculation in relation to decisions and proposals that have not even been brought to Cabinet” he said.

“It is absolutely necessary that as a government we keep all measures in relation to Irish Water under review; and as I have said, the structures that are in place there now in relation to charging and in relation to the conservation fee are in place and will be in place across this year” he added.

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