Td Says Charges Brought Over Water Protest Are Politically Motivated


Socialist Party TD Paul Murphy says he is concerned he may lose his Dáil seat over an anti-water charges demonstration last year.

Deputy Murphy says he is likely to be one of those facing charges in connection with the incident, during which Tánaiste Joan Burton was trapped in her car for up to two hours.

The DPP has directed that over 20 people are to face criminal charges as a result of a garda investigation – including false imprisonment and violent disorder.

Deputy Paul Murphy has criticised it as an attack on the right to protest and says it is politically motivated.

He also says he is concerned that if he was to be imprisoned as a result of the charges he may lose his Dáil seat.

“It’s obviously shocking news – somebody rings you up and tells you it’s on the 9 o’clock news that some people will be prosecuted, charged and that you find out as well that you are likely to be charged with false imprisonment” he said.

“They are serious charges like I said, so that’s concerning – like everybody who faces these charges would be concerned”.

“If I was imprisoned for six months or more, my understanding is that I would automatically lose the Dáil seat – I think people would be outraged by that” he added.

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