Thousands Of Nursing Homes Beds Could Be Closed


Thousands of beds at state-run nursing homes could be closed because they do not meet accommodation standards.

According to the Irish Times, health watchdog HIQA is introducing a new ‘get tough’ policy to tackle a lack of progress with long-promised refurbishment and improvements at centres across the country.

HIQA has proposed to refuse registration to two centres, with a further 10 facing barring orders on accepting new residents.

36 more centres, meanwhile, must wait for decisions.

Professor Shaun O’Keeffe is a consultant geriatrician in Galway.

He says the HSE had plenty of warning about the deadline for improvements – and should have acted before now.

“The six years is up this July – it’s not a surprise, and it certainly shouldn’t be a surprise to the HSE, that this is kicking in and that they really had a number of years to bring things up to standard” he said.

“Obviously some units don’t meet standards – now obviously the most worrying is some places being inadequate for fire standards” he added.

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