Enniscorthy Flooding Leaves Some Jobs In Doubt


Up to 20 jobs are in doubt as a result of the recent flooding in Enniscorthy.

Burger Mac in Ennsicorthy is closed at the moment as the owner decides wheather or not to reopen after the premises was extensivley damaged with the cost running in to thousands of euro.

It comes as Michael D Higgins visited the town yesterday to have a look at the damage done to the area after the River Slaney burst it’s banks last week.

Proprietor John Fortune says he’s not prepared to keep pumping money in to repairs if the premises is going to flood again;

“Their jobs are not gone, they’re, they’re…it’s gone temporary but…they’ll be back.” he said.

“We’re not we’re not finished here we’re not closing up here”

“But we just at the moment we we don’t know where we are because the money is not there to do it and even if we had the money we’re reluctant to spend it now because we don’t know next week next month if it’s going to be back again.” he added.


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