‘significant Failings’ In Care Of Baby Who Died At Midlands Hospital


A report into the death of a baby at Midlands Regional Hospital, Portlaoise, in October 2009 makes 23 recommendations.

The report, by the HSE, found significant failures in care provided to baby Joshua Keyes and his mother.

Baby Joshua died at the hospital shortly after he was born on October 28th 2009.

His parents requested the publication of the report after it emerged his death was investigated at the time – but they were never informed.

Joshua’s mum Shauna Keyes says she hopes the Midlands Regional Hospital has learned from its mistakes.

“They have a cloud hanging over them at the moment – I’d hope that they’d learned lessons from what happened to all of our children (and) they’re not going to allow it to happen again” she said.

“Obviously mistakes will happen, they’re humans at the end of the day, but it’s how they approached it afterwards”.

“Anybody I’ve spoken to who has lost a child in Portlaoise has said that it wasn’t the death of their child that hurt them as badly as the lack of answers, the lack of facts and the time delays in getting those answers and facts” she added.

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