Up To 20 Jobs To Be Lost In New Ross


Up to twenty jobs may be lost when the C*C depot in New Ross is sold off this summer.

It’s part of the fallout from the company’s restructuring, with their bottling plant in Tipperary closing with the loss of 120 jobs.

The New Ross depot at Butlersland provided storage and office facilites for the company and had a long standing staff.

Local councillor Michael Sheehan says it a big blow for all concerned;

“So you’d appreciate it’s great sorrow because the loss of up 20 jobs in the area is a brutal blow to the economy of New Ross and to Wexford, particularly at the start of the year” he said.

“So already I’ve heard yano back from one or two of the…national politicians and I’ve sought a meeting with the Minister..Richard Bruton for Enterprise and Jobs to explain the case for New Ross and explain the special circumstances we’re in” he said.

Niall Bennet of New Ross Chamber of Commerce says the business had a long tradition in the area:

“A family run business originially and then it was…it changed hands a few times but it was always a very well known employer in the town” he said.

It’s always been it’s always been one of the… I suppose the numbers have dropped over the years I suppose with the… with the way manufacturing has gone but it was always it was always a really well known business so we’ll be sad to see it go” he added.


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