Turnover And Revenue Up At Glanbia


Turnover and revenue is up over 4 percent at Glanbia at 3.6 billion euro.

The Kilkenny based multinational food group announced it’s annual results this morning, which showed an increase of over 10 percent in operating profits to 271 million euro.

It comes after GII announced plans to spend 35 million euro on a major expansion at it’s Wexford cheese plant, which will double peak milk processing capacity at the plant.

Group managing director of Glanbia Siobhain Talbot says the growth of the business is ongoing:

“We’re very pleased with the results…from my perspective to report on behalf of the team our sixth consecutive year of double digit growth is very strong, with the benefit of the strong dollar our reported number is very good, all segments of the group up in the year” she said.

“But most importantly for us we look at the underlying businesses and that too was very strong with double digit growth” she added.

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