Mans Death Due To Contracting Cjd During Surgery


A 36 year old Kilkenny man died after after contracting CJD following brain surgery as a child

Noel Kavanagh from Ballyragget County Kilkenny died in Ocotber 2014 afteer becoming ill a year earlier

As a five year old child he was involved in a serious farm accident when he fell from a tractor

As a result of his injuries he underwent an eight hour brain operation

He made a good recovery but in May 213 he began to feel unwell and was brought to Saint Lukes hospital in Kilkenny from where he was transferred to Beaumount in Dublin

His condition worsened there and he developed persistent epilepsy as a result of which he had to have part of his brain removed

Tests on this showed it to be infected with CJD which had resulted from donor graft tissue he had recieved following his accident as a child

Doctors concluded his initial accident was not fatal but he contracted the disease during surgery to improve his condition

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