Irish Government Could Be Set To Debate The Apple Tax Ruling

IRISH GOVERNMENT COULD BE SET TO DEBATE THE APPLE TAX RULING The Cabinet will meet later when Ministers are expected to make a decision on appealing the Apple tax ruling. While Independents have yet to agree their position on the European Commission ruling, it’s likely they will support an appeal in return for a recall of the Dail. Within minutes of Tuesday’s announcement by the European Commission that Ireland has to recoup thirteen billion in back taxes from Apple the Finance Minister was declaring there would be an appeal. Twenty four hours later when the Cabinet met and after four hours of talks and they couldn’t agree to sanction the appeal. Yesterday there were constant meetings between Independent Ministers and the Attorney General, officials and experts. While the Independents are reflecting on those meetings overnight and are likely to have further meetings this morning, there is now an expectation they will support an appeal in return for a recall of the Dáil and a debate on a strongly worded motion on tax.


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