The Controversy Continues Over Water Charges

The Dáil will debate another motion from Sinn Féin this afternoon to scrap water charges.

However it’ll be defeated in a vote tomorrow as Fianna Fáil is refusing to support it.

The Sinn Féin motion says that water charges should be abolished and funding should be through ‘progressive taxation’.

But Fianna Fáil is refusing to back it, despite it now being party policy to get rid of water charges. The party says the Sinn Féin motion is play acting as only legislation from government and not such a motion can scrap the charges.

Fianna Fáil also says the charges are suspended and can only return with a Dáil vote which they can’t see getting supported.

The Government will put forward a counter motion this afternoon and there has been background contact with Fianna Fáil on this. This will ensure the Sinn Féin motion is defeated when the Dáil votes tomorrow afternoon.

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