Cabinet To Discuss Brexit

The Taoiseach is to bring a memo to Cabinet this morning on Brexit.

It’s after a clear timeline for Britain’s exit from the EU was announced.

We now have an idea of when the clock will officially start ticking on the UK’s exit – British Prime Minister Theresa May says she wants to trigger Article 50 by March at the latest.

The Taoiseach has said Brexit will be one of the biggest challenges to ever face Ireland. In particular issues with the North such as a hard border and the future of the Peace Process.

On that front plans for an All Ireland Forum are still underway, with it likely to take place in early November.

That’s despite the opposition of Northern Ireland’s First Minister Arlene Foster.

For now the potential impact of Britain leaving the EU, and fears of a hard Brexit, have been felt on the currency markets with the value of the pound tumbling.

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