Voters Go To Polls In French Presidential Election Round Two

VOTERS GO TO POLLS IN FRENCH PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION ROUND TWO French voters are taking to the polls in what has been one of the most extraordinary presidential races for some time. 47 million people will choose between far-right candidate Marine Le Pen or centrist Emmanuel Macron. Polls are open until 6pm Irish time. Voting is under way in the final round of France’s presidential race after a massive online publication of frontrunner Emmanuel Macron’s campaign data delivered a final dramatic twist to the country’s most divisive campaign in years. The French presidential commission has reminded the press of the strict guidelines that exist preventing mainstream news organisations and either campaign from speaking about the content. Final polls published on Friday suggested Macron had widened his lead over the Front National leader, Marine Le Pen to between 22 and 23 percentage points. It’s unclear what impact, if any the late hour leaks will have on voters decisions. Exit polls will be released as soon as all ballots are closed at 7pm tonight.


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